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Every Sunday, we feature a different Self family for your consideration. The family is presented with all the names, dates, and locations available in our database. The connections are not necessarily proven and should be placed in your family tree with care. We welcome discussion about these families. We'd like to hear your theories, fill in missing information, and--if possible--receive documentation that can prove or disprove the stated relationships.

We have added dates of the featured Self (if we know them) below the names at the suggestion of Cousin Kathleen (who is responsible for more than one great idea!)


We are in the process of revising our connected files.  A great deal of new

information is being added.  Following the completion of the "John Line" in the "Self

Family of the Week" Seventh Generation pages, we will go back and fill in many of the blanks from earlier days.  In the meantime, though we will still feature a new family each week, we may not be able to link back to the previous generation until we begin updating.  Please be patient.  Thank you!

This week's featured family:

Peter N. and Rachel Dora (Ellis) Selph
(1862 - 1897)
 (seventh generation)

Previous featured families:


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**Not certain that this family fits here or even if Mildred is a Self descendant
There are some questions about the lineage of Mildred's mother

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