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A Letter from the Administrator


I am Kathi Bobb.  I am descended from the line of Dollie Ann Self  b @1874 who married John Fain Stewart in Monroe County TN.

I am the administrator for the Self Family Reconstruction Project at Family Tree

I welcome you to our project and hope that you can participate.

To qualify as a candidate, you must be male and carry the Self bloodline from your father.  The reason for this requirement is that only males have the Y-chromosome which is the DNA particle that is used for this test.   Also, an unannounced adoption or false paternity can skew the test because of the Y-chromosome heredity factor.

If you decide to participate, I need a few things from you:  OR you may request you kit directly from Family Tree DNA by clicking

If you prefer for me to sign you up, just send me the following

1. Your snail mail address

2. To know which kit you want, there are three:

12 markers is $99

25 markers is $169.

37 markers is $229
If you choose to get the 12 marker and later wish to upgrade to the 25 it is an additional charge of $90 (so that would be $189 total).

Shipping in the US is about $2.  More of course for overseas.

 3. The email address you want your test sent to.

I will then order the kit.  It will be mailed the next day.  It will have what you need to do the sample (brushes and bottles), a release of information and an invoice.  Sign the release to allow Family Tree DNA to make the matches and put your payment in and send it all back to Family Tree DNA.  I will put your email address in also.

 OR You may also sign up directly and use a credit card at:

The results will come back in 6-7 weeks. They will be sent to your email address. For more on results see the last paragraph of this message.  Family Tree DNA will inform you of any matches by email and snailmail.

I will need a brief outline of your ancestry to post on the web page if you decide to participate.  Send an email with your ancestry to me for posting. I will cut and paste from the email to the web site.  Please do not include any information on any present day living family members.

Understanding Results
Understand that your results will be a series of numbers.  These numbers will be compared to others in our group and in the Family Tree DNA database for matches or close matches.  If there are matches they will not tell us which generation the most recent common ancestor occurs.  The 25 match is a little more precise, but still does not tell you which generation.  Please see the Family Tree DNA site for a more precise explanation of this.  I do not pretend to be a DNA expert. :)  Here is an example from their site:

For example, if all 25/25 markers match, there is a 50% probability that the most recent common ancestor was no longer than 7 generations, and a 90% probability that the most recent common ancestor was within the last 98.8 generations.  A perfect match on the 12 marker test 12/12 would show that there was a 50% probability that the most recent common ancestor was within 14.5 generations and a 90% probability that the most recent common ancestor was within 48 generations.

Further DNA Help

1.  You can go to the website for more information directly from them. 

Kindest Regards,

Kathi Bobb

An explanation of the project:

Where to order the test
Also, the Family Tree DNA Website can answer a multitude of questions at

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This page was last updated on Nov. 14, 2004