The paragraph below (Old Preface) was written ten years ago.  Since that time, three dedicated cousins have discovered the parentage of Thomas Self.  These researchers are Virginia Turnbull, Jim Self, and David Joyce, with the assistance of Sherry Bell and Edith Blackwell.  All have their specialties and have contributed to this discovery using wills, deeds, vital records, scholarly works, and DNA.  There will soon be a link to an article on this interesting and convoluted relationship, complete with sources.  Please check back soon.

Old Preface, 2005

One of the most intriguing mysteries in Selfdom is that of Thomas Self.  We know a whole lot about him beginning with his service in the Revolutionary War at age 16.  But we have yet to determine and verify his parents and his connection to other Virginia Selfs.  Cousins have searched the extant records in vain--he appears to have materialized as a teenager out of nowhere.  He left a large number of descendants, mostly in Virginia and North Carolina, many of whom still live there today.

Cousin Mary and children
Cousin Diane
Cousin Mary Cousin Diane


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