Paul and Stanley SelfThat night Paul got to meet StanleyClark” Self Sr. his first cousin once removed.    Clark told him how he remembered the day his grandfather Harvey Elliott Self left Choctaw County, Oklahoma.   Clark and Paul’s dad Charles Harvey Self were out in the yard playing before they left to go to California.

This photo is of Paul and Clark Self.

Stanley Clark Self Sr.Paul was just beside himself on how much Clark looked like his grandfather.   They had a wonderful time talking and it brought back many memories of  the time Paul shared with his grandparents in California before he left to Ma.   He really expressed how much he missed his grandmother Ruby Edna Myrick Self.

This photo is of Stanley Clark Self Sr.


While visiting and exchanging family stories we also talked about the Self family cattle /

Earliest Self horse brandhorse brand.   How the brand changed through the families generations.

This is Thomas Sloan Self brand. Now when he has children they remove or add to this symbol for their family brand.

Later Self horse brandThis is the symbol William Ollien Self used for a while because of his many brothers.   When none of the other brothers stayed in the area to raise any cattle or horses he took the “S” out.

Today's Self horse brandSince William Ollien and his youngest son Jacky Gene Self farmed and raised animals together his youngest kept the same symbol as his father did after the “S” was taken out.  Jacky’s only son Jack David Self Sr. is carrying on this brand for his family and then his son’s will add or take away for their brand.

While down Jack spoke of how he had always wanted a tattoo of his family brand and Paul said well “Let’s go get branded”.   We drove to Sherman, Texas just to do that.

July 6th, 2007

Self brand tattoo JoLynn gets branded Jolynn's finished brand

Jack & Paul, Paloma the tattooist & JoLynn, Yep that is me I got one too.


Paul and dog ChazeNow it was just about time for Paul to leave but he wanted to leave a dear friend of his with us so that the Arizona heat would not put harm to his dear 11 year old friend Chaze his dog.   Chaze has been doing really great with us since Paul has left and we all love him and he is a wonderful addition to our family and home.

Paul was such a wonderful house guest and he is more than welcome to come and stay with us any time.   Let me tell you he cooks a wonderful steak dinner.   I would like to give him a very special thanks for letting us give him the Self family tour and for him putting up with our big family of seven.

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