Welcome to the Web's Virtual Reunion for members of the extended Self Family in the United States, United Kingdom, and all over the world!

Here you'll meet cousins from your own Self surname branch as well as those from other Self lineages.  You'll see what they look like, what they're researching, and what their interests are.  And you'll be able to contact them directly in order to compare genealogy notes.
You'll also meet friends of Selfs who, though unrelated, have contributed information and encouragement.

All of this will be available within the protection of privacy provisions.  And it's right here on your computer, with no traveling or expenses needed, any time of the day or night.

Please accept our invitation by sending us the items below...
(photos may be sent by e-mail attachment--we will also scan your original and return it to you if you don't have access to a scanner)

1.   A recent photograph of yourSelf
       This photo will first be presented as a thumbnail that expands into a larger picture on a separate page devoted to YOU

2.   Your name which, under both versions of the photo, will be "Cousin [YourFirstName]" to avoid identity theft

3.   Your e-mail address which will accompany the larger photo and which will appear in graphical format to avoid harvesting by spiders and bots

4.   The name of your earliest proven Self ancestor plus a photo of that individual if you have one

5.   A brief paragraph about your Self research.  Some possible topics might include:  (a) number of years compiling Self genealogy;  (b) brick walls you've
      encountered;  (c) theories;  (d) your greatest success story;  (e) desires for correspondents;  (f) other relevant information

6.   URLs of any of your Self-related WebSites:  personal pages, gedcom-type pages, etc.

Our United States pages will be subdivided into the major Self lines evolving from the sons of "Olde" Robert Self.  Selfs from other countries will be subdivided alphabetically by country name.  There will also be a friends' page for unrelated but helpful contacts.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!




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