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This page was written by our cousins. The articles appearing here provide glimpses into our lives, memories, and interests, brief biographies of our ancestors, and our experiences in Self Family research. All cousins are encouraged to contribute to this collection by sending material to Webmaster.

Hello, Self Family!
Deanne Lane

My name is Deanne Lane, my mother's maiden name is Carol Ann self, siblings are Linda Frances Self and Charles Alan Self, their father (my grandfather) was Charles Woodrow Self and his wife, their mother was Frances Mary Striano (Self). My grandfather's mom was Pearl Lowry and his father was William H Self. His siblings were twins Melton and Melbron H., Jesse or Jessie (sister), and Earl Self. Charles Alan Self has 3 kids: Daniel Jeremy Self, Bethany Self and Matthew Self. Hopefully some of this helps and can be added I also have contact info and photos if you’d like.


Charles w self, me, linda self and frances striano (self)

Charles W. Self, Me, Linda Self, and Frances Striano (Self)

Carol Ann self and Charles W self

Carol Ann Self and Charles W. Self

Daniel j self, Charles a self, Charles w self and Matthew self

Daniel J. Self, Charles A. Self, Charles W. Self, and Matthew Self

Charles W. Self and Deanne Lane

Charles A. Self and Deanne Lane

Carol Ann self (lane) Charles a self and linda f self all Charles W self kids

Carol Ann Self (Lane), Charles A. Self, and Linda Self
the children of Charles W. Self

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