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This page was written by our cousins. The articles appearing here provide glimpses into our lives, memories, and interests, brief biographies of our ancestors, and our experiences in Self Family research. All cousins are encouraged to contribute to this collection by sending material to Webmaster.

My Self Heritage
Rick Robinson


John Self Birth 1793 • Farm Hill, Oglethorpe, Georgia, United States

Death 1861 • Jasper County, Georgia, USA

And his wife

Catherine T Berryhill


Birth 2 OCT 1800 • Jasper County, Georgia, USA

Death 08 AUG 1871 • Vowells Mill, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, USA

Who were mixed with the Muscogee Creek Indians. I have been doing research backed up by documents on my Self and Berryhill lines for over 20 years. I have family photo’s and stories to share.

Tim the grandson of Homer Self I seen on your index page that added a photo of  George Washington Self. I would love for him to contact me. Homer Self unless there is more than one was the brother of my great grandmother Roxy Ann Self. There mother being Mary jane Self who married her cousin:

Thomas Jefferson Self


Birth 1860 • Limestone, Texas, USA

Death 14 OCT 1898 • Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma, USA

I have photos of his grand father and other family members. I have attached to this email. I am sure we could swap stories, photo’s and knowledge. Homer Self had a run in with his sister Katie Self’s husband which ended up badly and I have a news paper clipping on that as well.

I am willing to share all I have on the Self line I descend from.  Things like my great grandmother Roxy Ann Self.  Most don't know she was blind at birth and passed in Arizona because of her daughter Lena Tippit and husband Benjamin Calvert who wanted to marry when they reached Arizona.  Ben was doing time earlier in Leavenworth for making moonshine on his hog ranch in Oklahoma, and along the way lost the farm.  He and Lena had to live with family.  They started working their way to California to become share croppers soon after he was released.  I have many more photos and stories.

Ancestors of Rick Robinson

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