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This page was written by our cousins. The articles appearing here provide glimpses into our lives, memories, and interests, brief biographies of our ancestors, and our experiences in Self Family research. All cousins are encouraged to contribute to this collection by sending material to Webmaster.


contributed by James Self
From the William Isaac Self Line

Mack McInnis, a local, now deceased, told me that the way Samuel Elisha Self, my great grandfather, died was in the kitchen. He was propped against the door jam in a cowhide chair, with a plate of peach cobbler on his belly. He got quiet and was found dead in that position.
My grandfather, Frank David Self, was a security guard for Monsanto at Texas City when the ships blew up. He survived when the concrete building he was in collapsed and the wall closest to the explosion fell against the opposite wall where he was. The farthest wall broke off about 2 feet above the floor, and the other wall fell on top of it. He was in the wedge shaped area between the floor and the wall on top. Just scratched up. The debris fell from the sky for miles around. His trailer, where he lived with my grandmother, Jeanette (Nettie), formerly a Bailey of Hornbeck, La., was bombarded by schrapnel. The roof was punctured several places. So grammaw flattened fruit cans and nailed them over the holes. When I tore apart that dilapidated trailer in the 1980's, the patches were still on the roof. And I found a news clipping in the trailer about the explosion. At that time my dad lived in Port Arthur, TX and heard the explosion. He drove to Texas City and found my grandparents alive.
David Washington Self, my great-great grandfather, fought at Shiloh with General Ruggles. It is said he was shot up real bad and thought dead. But he was promoted to Major from that action, and found at the end of the war in Natchitoches Federal Prison. I like to imagine him riding in front of the Union armies like Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves, but I think he was infantry, and just got shot up in the attack. I think the La 17th was in the left flank.
His dad was William Isaac Self , Jr. and supposed was murdered in St. Helena Parish in 1813.

I would appreciate knowing if any or all of these stories are true.  Please contact Webmaster.

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