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Selfs in Australia and Tasmania

Do you have ancestors or relatives that you can't locate? This is where others can help you in your personal family history search as well as contribute information to the Self Family genealogy. Please direct your inquiry to Webmaster and provide the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to find
  • The county/state where this person lived
  • The approximate time period when this person lived
  • Permission to use your name and e-mail address
  • Please restrict your questions to those named Self or their direct descendants.


    MAR. 14, 2001
    Cousin Jason would like to find the ancestry of his grandfather. Desmond Selfe lived in Australia and New Zealand. His son, Jason's father, John Selfe, was born on Apr. 14, 1944 and has also lived in both Australia and New Zealand. Please contact Webmaster.

    MAR. 9, 2002
    Friend Sandra writes: My father (Jim Edwards) aged 83 has asked me to try and find what happened to his friend Sheila Selfe who was born in or around Inverell NSW (perhaps Delungra) in about 1926. Sheila had a brither William. Sheila's family moved to Rosehill (???) in Sydney and according to my father lived there during WWII. Sheila worked at Paramount Studios, Pitt Street (In the State Theatre Building) in Sydney during the War. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Webmaster.

    OCT. 20, 2003
    Cousin Bradley would like to know of anybody who has any information on Thomas Self who married Elizabeth Capel in Tasmania, or knows of any descendants of them. Please contact Webmaster.

    NOVEMBER 15, 2003
    Cousin Julia writes: "My great grandfather, Ernest Edwin Selfe, married my great grandmother, Emily Selfe, nee Vanderhurst/Bath, in 1889, possibly in QLD, Australia. My great grandparents, had two children that I know of ? They are Ernest Mansel Selfe, born QLD ? in1889 and Minnie Eugine Peterson nee Selfe, born in Longreach QLD in 1893. My great grand father, was a doctor of Medicine. I dont know if my great grandparents, were born in a Australia, or came into Australia? looking for descendants, of the Selfe family.  Please contact Webmaster.

    JULY 10, 2004
    Cousin Suzi writes: "I would like any information anyone can give me about my grandfather, Thomas Eric Bentley Self (sometimes called Mick), born 3rd November 1907 in Tasmania. He served in the 2/40th Battalion and went missing in action in Timor during World War 2."  Please contact Webmaster.

    FEBRUARY 5, 2010
    Cousin Carol is looking for information on her great-uncle, Frank Self.  Originally from Suffolk, UK, he went to Australia in the 1890s and lived in the Perth area.  He joined the Anzacs and much later in life he sent a cutting to his brother of a local paper showing him in a parade being the last surviving Anzac of the first World War in that area. He visited his family in England once and  said he was doing well and owned or managed a sheep farm, he had a daughter who didn't marry and was a doctor.  His brother was named Charles Walter Self, and his sister was named Violet.  Please contact Webmaster.


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