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Selfs in Canada

Do you have ancestors or relatives that you can't locate? This is where others can help you in your personal family history search as well as contribute information to the Self Family genealogy. Please direct your inquiry to Webmaster and provide the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to find
  • The county/state where this person lived
  • The approximate time period when this person lived
  • Permission to use your name and e-mail address
  • Please restrict your questions to those named Self or their direct descendants.


    Cousin Brian would like information on his ancestors in Orangeville, Ontario. His father is Ross Harold Self, and his grandfather is Carl Wellington Self (1912-1976). Please contact Webmaster.

    APRIL 6, 2002
    Cousin Angel is looking for the ancestors of Richard James Selfe of British Columbia, Canada. He probably came from England and may have been the son of James and Mary Selfe of Bermondsey, London. His children were Charles Gordon Selfe, Albert John Selfe, and Thomas Robert Selfe. The latter 2 children emigrated to Pennsylvania. Please contact Webmaster.
    JULY 22, 2003
    Cousin Debra writes: "I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, born Sarah J. Self (or Selff) in Nova Scotia, 1851 or 1852; emigrated to Massachusetts, in 1865; married William Norwood of Rockport, Mass. 1869 or 1870. It's possible that her mother was named Mary. Does anyone have information on Self(f)s from mid-19th century Nova Scotia?" Please contact Webmaster.

    NOVEMBER 30, 2010
    Cousin Andrea writes: " am looking for any information on the family of Sarah SELF, born September 1881, in Scrattage, Middlesex.  She was born to Robert SELF and Emily HARRIS.  Her siblings as far as I know from both the 1881 census and 1891 census are:  William, Henry, Beatrice, Edith and George.  Sarah(Sally) immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1913, with her husband Thomas WOODLEY, and their three children.  She was apparently disowned by her family at this point - I understand Thomas Woodley was a gardener at her parent's estate. Do you know anything about her parents and grandparents? I am her great-grandaughter.
    Please contact Webmaster.


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