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Do you have ancestors or relatives that you can't locate? This is where others can help you in your personal family history search as well as contribute information to the Self Family genealogy. Please direct your inquiry to Webmaster and provide the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to find
  • The county/state where this person lived
  • The approximate time period when this person lived
  • Permission to use your name and e-mail address
  • Please restrict your questions to those named Self or their direct descendants.


    Cousin Gary is interested in exchanging information relating to the following families:

    If you have proof of lineage for these Selfs or theories on their family ties, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin David needs information on the family of Ezra P. Self. He m. --- Dunn from Winnfield, LA. Ezra P. Self was born in MO, married at least three times, and lived in FL and TX. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Bruce would like to locate the ancestors of John William Self, born in Shakelford, KS and married to Elizabeth Hafilfinger. He is willing to share information on one of their four children, Cecil Edward, who was born in 1915 in Greeley, CO and d. 1988 in Hawthorne, NY. Please contact Webmaster.

    Sarah Jane (Self) Webb had a daughter, Mildred Lorraine (Webb) Miller, born about 1920 in Ohio. Sarah Jane died in a house fire in the late 1920s. If you have further information on these ancestors of Cousin Janet, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Pam would like to find the ancestors of Job Self, born about 1790, who married Tamer Stringfellow in Bibb County, AL and moved to LA. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cheramie is looking for D. P. Self and his daughter, Anne. D. P. Self, born perhaps in Ohio or the Midwest, was a newspaper editor in Meridian, MS in the mid-1950s. If you know him, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Alan is looking for his family. His father is Wayne E. Self, born in either Fresno or Madera, CA in 1940, and his grandfather was Carl Self from Best, OK. Carl Self had a brother named Hershal who had two sons, Charles and Kenneth, both of whom probably live in Southern California today. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Lorna would like to find the ancestry of Winston Self who m. Ann Rich in Gordon Co., GA. Ann Rich was born about 1900. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Georgann is looking for Spencer Self who was born about 1757 in unknown. Wife unknown at this time. He had a son named John who was born about 1777 in VA. John m. Nancy ?? in about 1797 in possibly Smith Co., TN. They had the following children; William B.--about 1800, Olive--about 1802, Docia or Dosier--Apr. 26, 1806, Winnie--about 1814, Emeriah M.--June 17, 1816 and an unknown female. Children were believed to have all been born in TN. This family was living in Marion Co., AL at one time. John died there in 1851 and his wife Nancy before 1850. SECOND GENERATION: Docia married William Robbins (sometimes spelled with one B) on Oct. 22, 1822 in Jefferson County, AL. They had the following known children; Rebecca--1824, Nancy--1826 and Martha--1828 in AL. Don't know when or where Docia died. Please contact Webmaster.

    Benjamin Selph was in Rockbridge County, VA in 1840. One possible son of Benjamin was John A. Selph, born in Rockbridge County, VA in 1830 and moved to TN where he married Mary A. McEnturff in 1849 (McMinn County). Benjamin Selph was probably married to Sally Martin. If you can help Cousin Carolyn, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Ted would like to find out the parents and ancestry of John R. Self who m. Jennie Weathers in Sabine Parish, LA on Oct. 1, 1899. Please contact Webmaster.

    Richard Allen Self was born about 1814 in TN and moved to Blount County, AL. He was probably related to Hezekiah Self and William Nathan Self. He m. Feb. 7, 1833 in Blount County, Nancy Holloway and had seven children between 1834 and 1847: Phebe, John Gilbert Matthew, Ruth, Martha, Martin, Allen, and Debyan (Debby Ann?). If you can help Cousin Joan find Richard Allen Self's ancestry and siblings, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Joy is searching for the parents and ancestors of Robert Self, b. 1813 in NC. Robert Self went to Floyd County, GA before 1850 with his wife Susan and children, Sarah Jane, Mary D., David D., John M., Hannah H., Susan M., Elizabeth, Margaret Carolina, and Robert F. The last five children were born in GA. Cousin Charles has informed us that Margaret Carolina, b. Oct. 19, 1848, probably in Floyd County, GA, died Dec. 15, 1910 in Madison County, AR where she moved about 1872 with her husband, John Henry Carter, and their son, Luke Crawford Carter. Please contact Webmaster.

    Albert ("Burt") Self was born Dec. 31, 1854 and d. June 30, 1936. He m. Ola Kemp (b. 1876 and d. Oct. 4, 1968 in Lumpkin County, GA., daughter of Will and Lou (Hull) Kemp) and had a daughter named Mary Lou. The family lived in N. Georgia, and their ancestors came from the counties of Cherokee, Lumpkin, Union, and Fannin. If you can help Cousin Barbara find out about Burt Self, please contact Webmaster.

    William and Dorcas Self of Montgomery, MD had a son born June 5, 1798. Cousin Deloris would like to verify the spelling of this child's name--ObAdiah or ObEdiah. He m. three times--1820 in Stark County, OH to Catherine Ann Sweazy or Sweasey; June 23, 1822 to Elizabeth Ann Sweazy in Hocking County, OH; and Feb. 21, 1829 in Hocking County, OH to Elizabeth Clark. He died about 1855 in Hocking County, OH. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Jan would like information on Fred Self and his wife Mamie of either Marshall or Johnson County, OK. Mamie was the daughter of James Cliff Austin and Nellie (Scroggins) Austin. They had two children, Pat and Colleen. The Selfs are buried in the Ravia Cemetery in Ravia, OK. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Rachel is trying to find out about Alexander Marion Self. He lived in LA and OK in the late 1800s and apparently traveled to and from the Indian Territory many times. Marion was married to Elizabeth Pantilion on Feb. 4, 1859, and she already had one son named William or Joe Fox. Marion Self had a son named Joseph and a grandson named Edward Franklin Self. Please contact Webmaster.

    William Lee Self and his wife, Callie Mae (Sterurt) Self, had a son named Freeman. Freeman was married to Mattizae Jones. He died 1983 in Oklahoma City, OK. Any information pertaining to this family will be welcome. Please contact Webmaster.

    Gustavus A. Self was b. 1851 in AL. He m. about 1872, Amanda F. ---, b. Dec. 1848 in NC. Children were: John L., b. 1875, Tillman Phanander, b. Sep. 2, 1877 and d. Aug. 6, 1949, Edward Lavergal, b. 1881, and Frances M., b. 1885. The family was found in the following Census records: 1880, Cullman County, AL; 1900, Blount County, AL; 1910, Cullman County, AL; and 1920 in Lawrence County, TN. Cousin Elaine would like to know the ancestry of Gustavus A. Self, and the maiden name of his wife, Amanda. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Gary is researching the ancestors of Elton Benton Selph, b. June 2, 1872 in AR. He was in Choctaw County, OK in the 1920 census. He died Oct. 21, 1968 in CA. His wife was listed as Allie, maiden name unknown. Children were Virgle (b. June 15, 1907), Bonnie (male, b. Mar. 6, 1909), Jewel J. (b. about Mar. 24, 1910), Leonard (b. 1912), Loys (male, b. 1916), Gussie (female, b. 1918). Elton's father was born in MS. Cousin Gary would like to know the lineage of Elton Benton Selph, his wife's maiden name, and any other information on this family. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Kris needs information on Thomas Self, b. Aug. 13, 1820 in North Wallsome, England, and his wife, Ann Shepard. They were married in 1845 and moved to Orleans County, NY in 1856. In 1867 they went to Shiawassee County, MI. Their children: Jeremiah, b. about 1853; George, b. about 1856; Jennifer, b. about 1867; Hannah, and another girl, name unknown. Please contact Webmaster.

    The beloved author, Margaret Cabell Self, was born as Honoria Muldrup Cabell on Feb. 12, 1902 and died Feb. 9, 1996. She m. June 11, 1921, Sydney Baldwin Self, b. Sep. 5, 1896 and d. 1980. Cousin Alan would like to know the ancestry of Sydney Baldwin Self. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Sharon is looking for information on her grandfather, Willis O. Self. He was born before 1871 and died Feb. 19, 1929. He married July 23, 1891 in Perry County, MO., Mary E. Warren. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Kathi is looking for the parents of Dollie Ann Self, b. Dec. 18, 1874 and raised in Tellico Plains, Monroe County, TN. Her father married for the second time, Nancy Underwood and had 3 half siblings to Dollie Ann: Lillie, Clara, and Wiley. Clara's married name was Plaster, and her son was Edward Plaster. Dollie Ann was married on June 28, 1891 to John Fain Stewart of Monroe County, TN. Her father may have been named Marion Self. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Wayne would like to find the ancestors of Francis George Self, b. 1862 in Rutherford or Cleveland County, NC. He m. Eliza Ann Biggerstaff. He is also looking for a cousin who lives in or near Shelby or Sunshine in Rutherford County, NC who might know where the gravestones of Francis and Eliza are located. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Janet is looking for Elizabeth Jane Self, b. Oct. 25, 1845 and d. Mar. 20, 1928 who married Fidelio Patton Bryson, b. June 6, 1832, son of James H. and Margaret (Hyatt) Bryson. The couple was married in either NC or AR. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin LaDonna would like information on Willis Benton Self, b. 1870 and d. 1928. He m. Musetta Norcross (b. 1875 and d. 1912) in 1888 and is buried in Wallis, TX. This couple had 4 children. Willis was the son of Raleigh Self, probably part Choctaw Indian. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Linda would like to find the ancestry of Elizabeth A. Self, born about Nov. 1847. She m. 1878 in Pleasants County, WV., Moses W. Johnson, son of William and Margaret (Williamson) Johnson. They had 5 children: Alice, Flora, James, Susan, and an infant daughter. They lived in Pleasants County, WV and later moved to Tyler County, WV. Please contact Webmaster.

    John Self was a Baptist minister in Virginia. He was born about 1750, probably in Westmoreland County, VA., and died about 1825, probably in Caroline County, VA. He was the minister of Reed's Church, Caroline County, VA. Our friend, Bill, is working on a book that includes John Self. If you can help him verify John Self's date and place of birth, date and place of death, date of marriage, name of wife, date of birth and of death of wife, and number of sons and daughters who survived him, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Gary is looking for John Wesley Self, b. between 1880 and 1899, and lived in AR. He had a brother named William and two sisters. These siblings were born in MS and LA. John Wesley Self moved to California around 1940. He had a daughter named Vina Self, b. approximately 1910 or 1911, who m. Vernie Cowans. He may have had Cherokee ancestors, possibly from the maternal side of his family which may have been part of the original "Trail of Tears" from GA to OK and AR. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Fred would like to find Diane Self, b. about 1945. She is the daughter of William and Marjorie Self and has a brother named Billy. Diane and her parents lived in Jacksonville, FL in the 1950s and 1960s, and her uncle's family lived in New Orleans, LA during that time. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Laura is looking for information on Rose America, a Cherokee Indian woman who traveled the "Trail of Tears" (1838-39). She married into the Self family and had a son named Ross Quincy Self and at least two more sons. All three Self brothers married Alford sisters--Ross Quincy's wife was named Callie Alford. Ross and Callie Self had a daughter named Elsie Jane Self who married Austin Raymond Watts and lived in TX. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Tami is looking for the parents of James A. Self, b. 1819, and married to Rachael. James and Rachael Self had a daughter, Jane, b. 1848 in Indiana. Please contact Webmaster.

    If you know the parents and family of Margaret Cordelia Self, b. in Greenville, TN in Mar. 1869, d. in Maryville, TN in Feb. 1916, and m. to Hugh Lusk Wrinkle in 1889, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Caroline is looking for a Self woman (first name unknown) who married James (Edward?) Watson. She was born in Wood County, TX and may be buried there as well. She is said to be a full-blooded Cherokee and possibly James Watson's second wife. Her daughter, Martha Ann Watson, was born in September 1863 in either Arlington or Abilene, TX. James Watson was born in 1830, lived in Cross Timbers, TX after the Civil War, and was a justice of the peace there. He was possibly a descendant of Patrick Alfred Watson of Arlington, TX. If you have any information on this family, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Joanie is descended from Tilford Hubbard Self, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hop(b)son) Self, grandson of William B. and Elizabeth (Burleson) Self, and probably great grandson of John and Nancy Self of Marion County, AL. She is searching for the names of Elizabeth Hop(b)son's parents. Elizabeth was born about 1825 in Marion County, AL and died in Freestone County, TX in 1857. Please contact Webmaster.

    Robert Self married Martha ("Patsy") Walker in Prince Edward County, VA on Oct. 7, 1805. Although we believe that Robert Self was born in 1785 and died in 1829, we still do not know who his parents were. If you have any information, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Jerry would like to find out the ancestry of Susannah Self, born probably in Orange County, NC and died about 1846. She m. David Willis, born Apr. 1776 in Orange County, NC. The couple had a daughter, Keziah, b. about 1798 in Rutherford County, NC. Keziah Willis m. Bluford Randol, a veteran of the War of 1812, in 1819 and had a son, William Randol, who married Susan Ross. If you have information on Susannah (Self) Willis, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Kim is looking for information on the ancestry of her grandmother, Aurmitta Self. She was born about 1890 in either Brown County or Bohemia, TX. Her husband's name was J. T. Kenney. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Cynthia would like to find information on John Self who lived in and around Phillips County, AR. He was married twice and had several children, one of which was Wiley David Self who m. Anna Mae Mathis. Please contact Webmaster.

    Susan Self was born about 1835 in Conecuh County, AL. She m. Abel Ham, b. 1829 also in Conecuh County, AL. Susan died in 1901 in Kaufman County, TX. This couple had 3 daughters born in AL: E. A., b. 1855; Georgia A., b. 1857 and d. 1915 in TX; and a child born 1859 in AL and d. in TX in 1946. Son Thomas Abel was born in LA in 1862 just after Abel joined the CSA. Abel Ham d. in 1870 in LA, and Susan and her children (E. A. was not among them) went to Jefferson, TX where one more daughter was born on Mar. 5, 1870. There may be a relation to Martha Self of Conecuh County and Silas Self in Belcher, LA. If you have information for Cousin Jerry, please contact Webmaster.


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