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NOTE: On this page, thanks to a suggestion by Cousin Ed, we are dating the queries.
The older queries were all placed between September 1996 and Feb. 11, 2002

Do you have ancestors or relatives that you can't locate? This is where others can help you in your personal family history search as well as contribute information to the Self Family genealogy. Please direct your inquiry to Webmaster and provide the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to find
  • The county/state where this person lived
  • The approximate time period when this person lived
  • Permission to use your name and e-mail address
  • Please restrict your questions to those named Self or their direct descendants.

    JANUARY 13, 2017
    Cousin Lynne quotes a query from page 5, adding her own search: 
    Peggi writes:
    Cousin Peggi writes: My grandfather, John Nelson SELF, was born
    10-23-1881 in Pueblo, CO. My great grandfather is Thomas Self, married
    to Nancy Nichols. I did find a Thomas Self in the 1881 Colorado Census,
    and one in the 1900 Census. The latter Census says he was born in Apr.
    1837 in GA. My great grandfather was born in GA, but I do not know if
    this is the same Thomas Self. There is a Nancy Self in the 1900
    Census—she was also born in GA in May 1838. It also says she is
    mother-in-law to George M. Blunt. This is my grandmother’s maiden name,
    so this is a good possibility. Thomas and Nancy would have been 44 and
    45 years old, respectively, when John Nelson Self was born.


    My response:  I can vouch for Thomas Self and Nancy Nichols being the
    parents of John Nelson Self.  They were also the parents of my great
    grandmother Emma J. Self, born 1874 in Colorado.

    Emma married George Monroe Blunt.  Thomas and Nancy lived with George
    and Emma which is why they are grouped together in the 1900 Census and
    Nancy is shown as mother-in-law to
    George M. Blunt.

    This is very exciting news.  Your grandfather was the brother of my
    great grandmother,  so he is my great uncle.

    What I am having a serious problem with is finding out WHO is the father
    of this Thomas Self.  I had Thomas connected to a Thomas R. Self, born
    around 1814-1816 but I've been told I am wrong.

    Please advise soonest if you know who the parents were of Thomas Self
    and Nancy Nichols.  I'd be happy to share family trees!!!! Thanks so much

    Please contact Webmaster.
    FEBRUARY 7, 2017
    Vera was born Vera Lorraine Everstine on 29 Sep 1917 in Mahoning County, Ohio to John Everstine and Florence Hazel Shisler. Her first husband was Dennis Francis McKenna. They had three boys in Youngstown, Ohio, then moved to San Francisco, CA. She left them when the youngest boy was a toddler. She married a Wilburn Martin in Boone County, Arkansas next. She then married  a Mr. Self. According to her tombstone she was a mother and grandmother. I would like to get in touch with any of her Self decendents.  Please contact Webmaster.

    FEBRUARY 14, 2017
    I'm looking for Aaron Self, NC married to Catherine Anthony. Father of James Anderson Self, my gggrandfather. The story I have heard is James A Self was sent to live with Issac R Self when his father passed. Any information on Aaron Self is appreciated. Thanks.  Please contact Webmaster.


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